Our Curriculum

The schools within the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph have been busy developing some new, exciting, and professionally elevating practices.  Teachers and administrators have established diocesan standards for Language Arts, Math, Music, Social Studies, Science, and PE.  In addition, common formative assessments (CFAs) have been developed for the essential standards in Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Music.  Starting in the 2015-16 school year, CFAs have been used for the essential standards in Language Arts and Math.   The goal is to have diocesan standards and common formative assessments for all major subject areas and then used by the teachers within our diocese.  Each year we get closer to completing this goal.

Click here to review the Diocesan Standards for the students in our schools.


Working in a partnership with our communities, the Diocese of Kansas City ~ St. Joseph schools will be
distinctly Catholic, academically excellent and fiscally stable.
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