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Standards Coding System

The following information is intended to help you understand that Diocesan Standards Coding System used to number the Diocesan Standards.

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Social Studies
SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT K-8 RELIGION STANDARDS: In developing the Kansas City-St. Joseph K-8 Diocesan Religion standards, the teachers on the K-8 Religion Curriculum Review Committee (CRC) borrowed heavily from the Wichita Diocesan Religion standards. In order to “fit” the Wichita religion standards into the standards coding system our diocese uses, we ended up making some compromises to save space. For many of the KCSJ K-8 religion standards you will see a substandard that references a Wichita benchmark. With permission from the Wichita diocesan school office, we have included a copy of the Wichita K-8 Religion standards under the PDF version of the KCSJ Religion standards so that teachers could view the benchmark referenced in the KCSJ substandard. Please call the CSO if you need more information.
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