HS Art

Standard CodeStandard DescriptionAssessment Links
HS9-ART-CRE.01.00.0Demonstrate different drawing techniques: Shading, Contour, Gesture, Continuous Line, Blind ContourAssessment
HS9-ART-CRE.02.00.0Color theory: Identify and use primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.Assessment
HS9-ART-CRE.03.00.0Identify and create tints, tones, and shades of the colors and color themes.Assessment
HS9-ART-CRE.04.00.0Create drawings in 1 point, and 2 point perspective.Assessment
HS9-ART-CRE.05.00.0Create and demonstrate hand building, slab work and pinch pot with clayAssessment
HS9-ART-CRE.06.00.0Identify and create block printsAssessment
HS9-ART-CRE.07.00.0Identify and create work using the Elements and Principles of DesignAssessment
HS9-ART-RES.01.00.0Explore a variety of careers in artAssessment
HS9-ART-RES.02.00.0Respond to an artwork using the vocabulary of the art elements and principles of design.Assessment
HS9-ART-RES.03.00.0Use artistic vocabulary to describe an artworkAssessment
HS9-ART-RES.04.00.0Reading a piece of artwork, e.g. describing what is happening in a piece of art based upon "reading" the art like a storyAssessment
HS9-ART-UND.01.00.0Recognize the art elements and principles of design in a work of artAssessment
HS9-ART-UND.02.00.0Explain how art evokes emotions via subject matter, lines, color, etc.Assessment
HS9-ART-UND.03.00.0Recognize the impact/contribution of the Catholic Church in the world of artAssessment
HS9-ART-MAT.01.00.0Handle materials in safe and responsible mannerAssessment
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