February 14, 2019



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Principal Survey

Please click on this link ASAP and complete the survey regarding a few issues from the Principals’ meeting yesterday. If you weren’t able to attend all or part of the meeting and don’t understand what we are asking, please contact a buddy Principal or your Superintendent.

CSO Annual Surveys

Use this link to access the annual CSO surveys, including Superintendents (Dan Peters and Pat Burbach), Office Staff (Kerry Eckart and LeAnn Lakin), Marketing Coordinator (Lane Lucas), Special Needs Coordinator (Nicolette Gibson) and Athletic Director (Vince Fitzgerald). Please also forward this link to your Pastor, Marketing person, Special Needs staff and Athletic Director. The survey will be closed at the end of the day on February 22nd.

Counseling Resources

During a POD meeting, a Principal asked if there are resources that Principals or Counselors could use to refer students/parents with special student/family needs, such suicide, substance abuse, or mental illness. https://www.211kc.org/  for a guide to many of the communities’ resources. There use to be books or pamphlets with this information, but they are not printing books anymore because organizations come and go too fast and they felt this was more helpful to have on a website that is regularly updated. Please check out these resources. You can also call 816-474-5112 for assistance.

Calendar Updates

We are making some adjustments to the calendars and you should receive them next week.

Benchmark Assessment Video for Feb 15 PD Day ~ 2nd Notice

Please have every teacher in your building view this video before February 15.  (You can also copy and paste this link to view the video: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1pYugOIBbEK_7ACf68ElHBadc3wEkupPl/view.)  In the video Amy provides instruction on what the teachers are to do for the benchmark assessments during the 2-hour block on that day. If you have questions about the work to be done on Friday, please reach out to Amy.

Scope and Sequence for Benchmark Assessments ~ 2nd Notice

You can find the Scope and Sequence here. This document holds the following information:
• type of questions
• number of questions per grade level
• IA subcategory that each question aligns
• correct answer
• point value

As a reminder, on Friday the 15th all math teachers should grade and insert their student’s answers into the Google Sheet that can be found in your schools Google folder. The teachers do not need to physically grade the MC questions as the Google Sheet will do that. Each teacher will need to individually grade all CR questions. To input CR response, the teacher will need to select “Y or N.”  Y for all correct responses and N for all incorrect responses. The Google Sheet will tally the total number correct and provide us important data as we work to finalize the benchmark.

Benchmark Assessment Review Form ~ 2nd Notice

A Google Form is also being provided to allow teachers to provide feedback on the benchmark. Please also allow time for your teachers to use the form on Friday.  Here is a link to the form.

You can also copy and paste the link below:

If you have any questions about the video, Scope and Sequence or the review form let Amy know.

Safe Haven Sunday Initiative Reminder

Several months ago the Presbyteral Council discussed the topic of Safe Haven Sunday, an initiative of the Church in the United States to address the pornography crisis. More recently, Dino Durando and Kristen Marquis of the Office of the Domestic Church and Discipleship visited several deanery meetings to do a brief presentation on this and help inform pastors of their role in the effort. Our diocese is observing Safe Haven Sunday March 2-3, 2019. Please see the attached letter from Bishop Johnston about this important matter.
Our diocese is also providing resources to assist you in promoting this event. Materials may be ordered from the Office of the Domestic Church and Discipleship at marquis@diocesekcsj.org. For more information, please see the webpage: www.kcsjfamily.org/safehavensunday.


* Oh Lord, we sing a song of praise to you.  Help us put others before ourselves and Jesus before all.  Help us love in everlasting love and joy with you.  Let us live in harmony with our brothers and sisters of all nations, and learn to respect all your wonderful creations.  Amen.  ~ St. Peter’s student

* O Heavenly Father, give us wisdom and hope as we work to strengthen and prosper Catholic Education in our Diocese.  May our Catholic schools help parents to form their children in a relationship of faith, hope and love with and in Jesus Christ.  Make our Catholic schools places where students grow in knowledge, wisdom, integrity and virtue.


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