March 21, 2019

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SOS Teams

We discussed at our February meeting the formation of teams in the school to handle the crisis of suicide or other mental health issues. Many of you have either scheduled training or are in contact with counselors about your school training of staff. We would like to facilitate the training of school teams to lead this effort this spring. Dawn Cesaro from St Therese is our lead counselor for this effort.
We have a couple of questions we need answered…first, how many do you want to train this spring to lead your team? Second, would you prefer to train staff on: May 21, 28 or 29?  Please call Kerry or email Pat and leave a number and date this week!
We need to know ASAP!

Mental Health Response Team Manual

Please see the following link for the Mental Health Response Team Manual (It can also be found in the Health Room Procedure Manual on the Admin Page)

Non-Playground and Playground Scrap Tire Material Grants

Please see the attached link form Nicolette Gibson for information on grants available and how to apply for them.

2019-20 PD Days ~ 2nd Notice

The Pillar 2 Leadership committee needs some help for the 2019-20 PD days. But first, let me explain what we plan to do. On both of the elementary schools’ October and February PD days, the math teachers will focus on researched based math instructional practices. We hope to have diocesan teachers, local math professors and curriculum coordinators, and hired experts in this area (C.L.A.S.S. and other similar experts) present. For the non-math teachers, we hope to bring in presenters in general instructional practices. The non-math teachers will also spend some time during the PD days reviewing the new ELA benchmark assessments.

Now, how can you help:
1. We need the names of highly skilled math teachers in your buildings that could present during these days. We will emphasize the math areas where we as a diocese are weakest. We could also use the names of local curriculum coordinators or professors that have expertise in math. Please e-mail names to Amy Hogan.
2. We hope to raise $20,000 to pay for presenters on the two PD days (roughly $10,000 for each day). The CSO will commit $2,000. If each school averages a $750 commitment from their Title money, we will have more than enough. Schools with smaller Title budgets that can’t provide that much will hopefully be offset by schools that can contribute more. I would hope for larger contributions from those in the KCMO district, as they have larger Title dollars than others. So please email me ( Dan ) your commitment for the 2019-20 PD days.

Accreditation Visits

St. Elizabeth’s – March 27
St. Peter’s – March 28
St. Thomas More – April 3
Our Lady of Hope – April 4
Cathedral – April 5

Bishop’s Visits

Bishop Hogan – March 29


* Jesus, help us to know joy in the toughest, hardest and saddest of times.  Help us to feel loved when no one seems to care for us.  Help us to feel joy even when we feel down.  Help us to feel the true love of others.  We ask this in Your name.  Amen.  ~St. Patrick student

* Dear God, During Lent help us to keep our eyes on Jesus.  Help us to spend more time talking and listening to You.  Help us to share what we have with others and be sorry for times we have done wrong. Amen.

* O Heavenly Father, give us wisdom and hope as we work to strengthen and prosper Catholic Education in our Diocese.  May our Catholic schools help parents to form their children in a relationship of faith, hope and love with and in Jesus Christ.  Make our Catholic schools places where students grow in knowledge, wisdom, integrity and virtue.


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