May 2, 2019

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Missouri School Violence Hotline

Soon the Missouri School Violence Hotline will be going to 24 hours a day, seven days a week and converting to new software that will allow all Missouri schools to have tips emailed to pre-identified individuals within the threatened school. The new system will allow for a shortened notification time from when the tip is received to when the school is notified. We will need your school information and who you would like to be contacted when a tip is received. You can name as many individual contacts for each school as you would like.

Below you will find a detail description of the requested information.

  1. The attachment named “School Contact List” is for who you want contacted if a threat is received for your school. You can enter multiple contacts on a single form.

a. First Name – First name of person to be contacted
b. Last Name – Last name of person to be contacted
c. Email Address – Email of person to be contacted
d. Office Phone – Office phone of person to be contacted
e. Cell Phone – Cell phone number of person to be contacted, this is needed if the person wishes to receive text messages that a threat has been received for their school.
f. Position / Title – Position or title of person to be contacted
g. School – School name
h. District – ‘Diocese of KCSJ’.

i. Email – Enter Yes if you want to be notified by email when a threat is received. Enter No if you do not.
j. SMS – Enter Yes if you want to be notified by text when a threat is received. Enter No if you do not.
k. LS Auto-Call – Enter a Yes if you want to be automatically called if a Life Safety threat is received for your school (anything threatening to life, suicide, imminent attack, etc.) Enter No if you do not.
l. Life Safety Only – Enter Yes if you ONLY want to be notified that a Life Safety threat is received for your school. Enter No if you do not.

m. Enable Login – This is for anyone you want to be able to login to the new system. It’s in the cloud so you will have access to the threat report. Enter Yes if you would like to be able to Sign-In. Enter No if you do not. If you enter Yes, sign in information will be sent later.
n. Tipster Dialog – Enter Yes if you would like to have access to a tipster dialog in the new system. It will be like having a messaging app within the threat report with the tipster. It does not guarantee there will be a dialog with them, you will have access if there is a dialog in the threat. Enter No if you do not.
o. Deliver to – Enter Yes if you would like the capability to send the threat to another email. Enter No if you do not.
p. Add Tips – Enter Yes if you would like to be able to enter new tips. Enter No if you do not.
q. Edit Contacts – Enter Yes if you would like to be able to edit your school contact List. It is recommended that each school have at least one person who can edit the contact list. This will allow the school to stay up-to-date on any changes in school personnel.

We understand that most of this is straightforward and easy to answer and that some can be confusing. If you have any questions about what is needed in the attachments please feel free to contact David Martin, DAVID.MARTIN@MSHP.DPS.MO.GOV with your questions and he will assist you.

When you have COMPLETED filling out the attachment please send the completed forms to DAVID.MARTIN@MSHP.DPS.MO.GOV

Going, Going, Gone

Please make sure to have read the little blue book, Going, Going, Gone before the principal meeting on May 14. We will spend some time in a book discussion during the meeting. It would also be helpful if you brought your copy of the book to the meeting.

Day of Prayer Message from Carrie Cooper

Hello –
First off, I wanted to let you know the Day of Prayer rosary at St. Regis Academy went really well. Their prayer garden was in bloom and we had a beautiful morning. Megan Marley from The Catholic Key was there taking pictures. Thank you all for your support and planning.
The bishop has asked me to pass on to you that he’d really like for other schools to post to social media or share with Megan photos from their Day of Prayer events so that she can make posts about how our schools participated in the Day of Prayer.
This is certainly something we should add to the list for next year’s planning so that we can ask principals to capture their events and share a pic.

Spring Benchmark Tests ~ 2nd Notice

Below is the link to the Google folder that contains all of the revised Benchmark Assessments. Please copy and forward the link below to all of you teachers that will be giving the test.

Scope and Sequence for Benchmark Assessments
You can find the Scope and Sequence here. This document holds the following information:

  • type of questions
  • number of questions per grade level
  • IA subcategory that each question aligns
  • correct answer for CR questions
  • point values

All math teachers should grade and insert their student’s answers into your “Spring Benchmark Database-School Name” database that can be found in your school Google folder.
The teachers do not need to physically grade the MC questions as the Google Sheet will do that. Each teacher will need to individually grade all CR questions. To input CR response, the teacher will need to select “Y or N.” Y for all correct responses and N for all incorrect responses. The Google Sheet will tally the total number correct and provide you the percentage of students that answered the question correctly. The Google Sheet will also have the IA subcategory for each question. This was added to help teachers easily identify the subject area on questions where students performed lower. This will make analyzing the benchmark assessments easier.

IA and Benchmark Analysis protocol/directions ~ 2nd Notice

After your teachers have entered their students’ responses to the Math benchmark into the google sheet and you have access through DataManager to the 2019 IA results, you are ready to analyze the data to develop ELA and Math areas of need by following the May 2019 Local PD Day Instructions to Elementary Principals. Other documents you need for the process are: IA Classroom Analysis Report – ELA, IA Classroom Analysis Report – Math, and Principal summary report. Follow the links to each document.

Cost for 2019-20 Diocesan PD ~ 2nd Notice

During the 2019-20 school year, there will be 6 diocesan PD days as shown below:

Type Schools
August 13-14, 2019 Restorative Justice Training K-12 diocesan schools
October 11, 2019 Academic PD Day focusing on Math K-8 diocesan schools
February 14, 2020 Academic PD Day focusing on Math K-8 diocesan schools
March 12-13, 2020 Restorative Justice Training K-12 diocesan schools

How are we paying for these days? Six schools (at the bottom of Cost of A 13-14 & O 11 PD Days) have agreed to use some of their 2019-20 Title 2 and/or 4 money to pay for the August 13-14, 2019 Restorative Justice training. Without their generosity, there is no way we could have afforded this training. The rest of the schools will only have to pay for their teachers lunches for August 13-14, we which estimate will be no more than $7 per day. It may be less. Assuming the number of teachers is the spreadsheet shows the estimated amount for lunches for each school in column ‘C’.
For the October 11, 2019 PD day, all the other Elementary (schools not paying for the August training) schools will need to pay a per teacher amount which we estimate is $67.80 for the training and $7 for lunch. As the spreadsheet shows, the six generous schools were not charged for October 11 training. This was to partially compensate them for the generous amount they gave from their 2018-19 Title monies to pay for the August 13-14 Restorative Justice training. The October 11 PD can be paid from Title 2. However, some public school districts are transferring their Title 2 and 4 money to Title 1, which leaves some of the Catholic schools in our diocese with little or no Title money for next year. As I can’t sign contracts for the October 11 PD until I know each school is willing and able to pay their part, I ask that you complete the October 11, 2019 Commitment Survey declaring your commitment no later than Tuesday May 7th! By saying ‘yes’ to this survey, you understand that your public school district(s) may transfer all of your Title 2 money to Title 1 and leave you little or no money to pay for the October 11 PD day — it will have to come from your general income.
What about the March 12-13, 2020 Restorative Justice training and the February 14, 2020 Diocesan PD Day? How will we pay for that? We will not sign a contract for those events until the fall, when we all should know how much 2019-20 Title 2 and 4 money the public schools will be giving us. I am hoping, the six generous schools will have surplus 2019-20 Title 2 and/or 4 monies that will help reduce the cost for the rest of the schools. The school office will contribute $5,000 towards the second semester trainings to help reduce the cost for all.

2019-2020 Book Study ~ 2nd Notice

We are looking for a book to use for the 2019-20 principals book study. Please share any book you think would benefit us all and help us grow professionally. The book should support areas of need we have identified. The following topics might help: analyzing data, becoming an instructional leader, leading teachers to become better differentiated instructors.

Textbook Evaluation Form ~ 2nd Notice

The CSO use to have a textbook evaluation form, but we cannot find it. We believe it became corrupted along with several other files on our older server. Does anyone have a good copy of the textbook evaluation form? Angie Meyer and the CSO would like a copy of it, even if it is just paper.

Accreditation Visits

St. Francis Xavier – May 3

Graduation Dates

St. Pius X – May 5 – 2:00 p.m.
St. Michael the Archangel – May 9 – 5:00 p.m.
Bishop LeBlond – May 10 – 7:00 p.m.


* Laudo, For You alone deserve all praise. My life, to You I owe.  I give You thanks for all I have.  A better life for those in poverty, hope for the mourning souls, fed, may the hungry be and joy may we all accomplish is what I plead and ask of Thee.  Deus, guide me in Your light.  Allow me to help where I can; And strive to do what’s right.  Maranatha. Amen.

~ St. Regis Academy student

* Please keep Father Steve Cook and his family in your prayers.  Fr. Steve’s father Robert Cook passed away Wednesday May 1st.

* O Heavenly Father, give us wisdom and hope as we work to strengthen and prosper Catholic Education in our Diocese.  May our Catholic schools help parents to form their children in a relationship of faith, hope and love with and in Jesus Christ.  Make our Catholic schools places where students grow in knowledge, wisdom, integrity and virtue.

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