November 14, 2019

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Day of Prayer 2020 ~ 2nd Notice

Each year on April 26th the Diocese remembers those affected by child abuse by hosting a day of prayer and atonement. This year the date falls on a Sunday and we will celebrate this Day of Prayer on Monday April 27th. The schools have always participated by creating a special prayer time that day. We have also participated in the noon Mass that the Bishop celebrates at the Cathedral. Please look at the attached document which shows what you did last year and let me know if you will plan to do the same prayer or will change it. Once again, the Bishop will be visiting a school to join your prayer time and we will be sending out materials for local prayer as we get closer to spring.
Servers- tba
Choir – tba
Bishop visits –tba


Textbooks Available

St. Therese has books they would like to give to anyone that can use them.  Please see the list below and contact Kim McConnell at St. Therese if you would like any of them. She can give you a number of books that are available in each category.

*Christ our Life 1st grade
*Literature Works 4th grade
*Math in Focus Singapore 2013
1A and 1B
3A and 3B
4A and 4B
5A and 5B
*Holt McDougal 6th grade 2013, 7th grade 2013
*McDougal Littell
Mathematics Course 1 and 2, 7th or 8th grade
*Social Studies
Regions 2011, 4th grade
*Pearson Science Workbooks 2011
1st grade
4th grade
These can be used for 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th:
Cells and Heredity
Earth’s surface
Water and the Atmosphere
The Diversity of Life
Science and Technology
Inquiry and Technology
Forces & Energy
Sound and Light
Human Body

December 3rd Principal Meeting Gift Exchange

Again this year we have a fun activity planned for the December 3rd Principal Meeting.  If you would like to participate in a gift exchange, please bring a white elephant gift with a $15 value.

Seedtime ~ 2nd Notice

Seedtime is a time set aside in our Diocese to pray for farmers who grow our food, for each of us who care for the earth and recognize the Gift of God that the seeds and that growth (from city gardens to farm fields) bring us.
The Diocese will observe this day of prayer on February 4, 2020. We will again ask for your prayers. Anyone who would like to help us prepare some audio/visual materials to help us learn and celebrate please let Pat know as soon as possible. You may remember that last year Susan and the students at St Gregory Barbarigo did an awesome job – it was shared throughout the diocese through the CSO and the Office of Liturgy. If interested (great project for students) Pat will give you more information regarding this years theme…We would need your final project by Christmas vacation….


* As we give thanks for all we have, let us remember in prayer those less fortunate and do what we can to help them in their struggles.

Dear Lord,
Today we give thanks for our many blessings as we pray for those in need.  We give thanks for our family and friends as we pray for those who are lonely.  We give thanks for our freedoms as we pray for those who are oppressed.  We give thanks for our good health as we pray for those who are ill.  We give thanks for our comfort and prosperity as we share our blessings with others.  May the love of God unfold us, the peace of God dwell within us and the joy of God uplift us.  Amen.
~ Anonymous

* Please keep the following people in your prayers:

Kaci Monaghan’s daughter who is experiencing some health issues
Barb Deane’s son who is going through some testing
Molly McAnerney’s Dad as he battles cancer
Charlotte Davis’ daughter who is dealing with ongoing medical issues
Connie Mann’s daughter who was recently hospitalized
Andrea Harris who is due to give birth very soon

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