Fiscally Stable

The plan for fiscal stability in Catholic schools rests on the principle of Christian stewardship and the free offering of time, talent and treasure to further the work of the Church.

Adjusted Tuition

A critical step in fostering a spirit of stewardship is the recognition that tuition can only cover a portion of the true cost of educating each child in a Catholic school. Other costs are borne through fundraising, development efforts, and direct and heavy support from parishes that sponsor schools.

As in many other dioceses, fiscal stability will engage the entire Catholic community in the support of Catholic schools.
Along with the continued support of the sponsoring parishes, community investment from parishes without schools will help each school adjust tuition to meet the annual operating budget while keeping Catholic education affordable for families.

Diocesan Support

To further the goal of affordability, the diocese has established a family of special funds.

The Strong City School Fund builds upon the mission of the Central City School Fund to provide needs-based assistance for low-income children in Kansas City’s urban core. The Fund supports Holy Cross and Our Lady of Hope schools in Kansas City and is poised to address the need as it arises in other regions of the diocese.

To assist families with multiple children enrolled in diocesan Catholic schools, the Honoring Family Scholarship program will offer a partial tuition grant to the oldest child in a family who is enrolled at Archbishop O’Hara, Bishop LeBlond, St. Pius X High School. Qualified students must have another sibling enrolled in a diocesan Catholic school.



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