Pray It Forward ~ Catholic Schools Week 2019

Please join our Pray It Forward campaign and help us spread prayer around the world!

Our prayer centers around our school year theme of JOY. Jesus, Others, Yourself.  The prayer was written by Frances, an 8th grade student at St. Andrew school.

Simply pray the short prayer below and fill out the form in order for us to track where the prayer goes.  Once you’ve finished, please make sure to send the prayer to everyone you know via Email and Social Media. (You can copy this link to share:

Dear Jesus,

There is joy in praisingjoy in loving, joy in serving, joy in caring, joy in sharing.

As we reflect and celebrate our faith this week,

may we come to serve, not only ourselves,

but each other and most importantly God the Father.

Help us to find the joy that comes through

praising, serving, caring, and giving

as we live our lives in you, Amen.

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