Special Monday TT – April 29, 2019

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Spring Benchmark Tests

Below is the link to the Google folder that contains all of the revised Benchmark Assessments. Please forward this link to all of you teachers that will be giving the test.


Scope and Sequence for Benchmark Assessments
You can find the Scope and Sequence here. This document holds the following information:

  • type of questions
  • number of questions per grade level
  • IA subcategory that each question aligns
  • correct answer for CR questions
  • point values

All math teachers should grade and insert their student’s answers into your “Spring Benchmark Database-School Name” database that can be found in your school Google folder.

The teachers do not need to physically grade the MC questions as the Google Sheet will do that. Each teacher will need to individually grade all CR questions. To input CR response, the teacher will need to select “Y or N.”  Y for all correct responses and N for all incorrect responses. The Google Sheet will tally the total number correct and provide you the percentage of students that answered the question correctly.  The Google Sheet will also have the IA subcategory for each question.  This was added to help teachers easily identify the subject area on questions where students performed lower.  This will make analyzing the benchmark assessments easier.

IA and Benchmark Analysis protocol/directions

After your teachers have entered their students’ responses to the Math benchmark into the google sheet and you have access through DataManager to the 2019 IA results, you are ready to analyze the data to develop ELA and Math areas of need by following the May 2019 Local PD Day Instructions to Elementary Principals. Other documents you need for the process are: IA Classroom Analysis Report – ELA, IA Classroom Analysis Report – Math, and Principal summary report.  Follow the links to each document.

Cost for 2019-20 Diocesan PD

During the 2019-20 school year, there will be 6 diocesan PD days as shown below:

Type Schools
August 13-14, 2019 Restorative Justice Training K-12 diocesan schools
October 11, 2019 Academic PD Day focusing on Math K-8 diocesan schools
February 14, 2020 Academic PD Day focusing on Math K-8 diocesan schools
March 12-13, 2020 Restorative Justice Training K-12 diocesan schools

How are we paying for these days? Six schools (at the bottom of Cost of A 13-14 & O 11 PD Days) have agreed to use some of their 2019-20 Title 2 and/or 4 money to pay for the August 13-14, 2019 Restorative Justice training. Without their generosity, there is no way we could have afforded this training. The rest of the schools will only have to pay for their teachers lunches for August 13-14, we which estimate will be no more than $7 per day. It may be less. Assuming the number of teachers is the spreadsheet shows the estimated amount for lunches for each school in column ‘C’.

For the October 11, 2019 PD day, all the other Elementary (schools not paying for the August training) schools will need to pay a per teacher amount which we estimate is $67.80 for the training and $7 for lunch. As the spreadsheet shows, the six generous schools were not charged for October 11 training. This was to partially compensate them for the generous amount they gave from their 2018-19 Title monies to pay for the August 13-14 Restorative Justice training. The October 11 PD can be paid from Title 2. However, some public school districts are transferring their Title 2 and 4 money to Title 1, which leaves some of the Catholic schools in our diocese with little or no Title money for next year. As I can’t sign contracts for the October 11 PD until I know each school is willing and able to pay their part, I ask that you complete the October 11, 2019 Commitment Survey declaring your commitment. By saying ‘yes’ to this survey, you understand that your public school district(s) may transfer all of your Title 2 money to Title 1 and leave you little or no money to pay for the October 11 PD day — it will have to come from your general income.

What about the March 12-13, 2020 Restorative Justice training and the February 14, 2020 Diocesan PD Day? How will we pay for that? We will not sign a contract for those events until the fall, when we all should know how much 2019-20 Title 2 and 4 money the public schools will be giving us. I am hoping, the six generous schools will have surplus 2019-20 Title 2 and/or 4 monies that will help reduce the cost for the rest of the schools. The school office will contribute $5,000 towards the second semester trainings to help reduce the cost for all.

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